Therapist shot by former North Miami Police officer speaks following culpable negligence guilty verdict

MIAMI (WSVN) - The behavioral therapist who was shot by a former North Miami Police officer is speaking out following a guilty verdict.

Jonathan Aledda, who was fired from the department Tuesday, was convicted in the shooting of an unarmed behavioral therapist identified as Charles Kinsey.

“I think they did the right thing,” said Kinsey. “I believe he shouldn’t even be an officer.”

Aledda fired three shots in the direction of the behavioral therapist and man with autism back in 2016. One of the bullets hit Kinsey, who was lying on the ground with his hands up.

The former officer was found guilty on a culpable negligence charge following a two-week long retrial that ended on Monday.

However, Aledda was found not guilty of two counts of attempted manslaughter during the retrial.

Before the conviction, Aledda defended his actions and said he was forced to fire because he felt threatened.

“I respect the jury, but I believe he should have been charged for both. He should have been charged for the culpable negligence and the attempted manslaughter,” said Kinsey. “I mean, if you get the definition of attempted manslaughter, it was there. Everything was right there.”

Kinsey said he’s been through a roller coaster of emotions and now wants to put the past three years behind him.

“I’m going through so much to the point where sometimes I’m about to lose it,” he said. “The one thing that truly keeps me firm and together is my 10-month-old son, and I mean, he makes my day, so I have to look at that and say, ‘OK, Charles. Come on, man. Let’s get it together because you have a responsibility here.”

Aledda faces up to one year in prison and will be sentenced on Aug. 7. The former officer is scheduled to report back to court next Tuesday for a status hearing.

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