Texas couple overcharged $700 for local taxi ride receives refund

MIAMI (WSVN) - A couple visiting South Florida received a refund months after they were overcharged for a cab ride.

Carol and Eugene Barrington traveled to Miami International Airport from Texas back in September. Once at the airport, they took a cab ride to their Hollywood Beach hotel that, they said, cost them more than $700.

“Somehow, someone produced a bogus invoice,” said Carol.

When the tourists arrived to the hotel, the meter read $77 and some change, but they were charged $777.42.

According to the couple, the driver refused to give them a receipt from swiping their credit card on a square device attached to a cellphone.

“My wife looked at the credit card statement online, and immediately the overcharge popped up, and we started the process with Capital One,” said Eugene.

Initially, Capital One rejected the fraud claim because they said it was valid, and they closed the case on Nov. 13.

That’s when the couple contacted a reporter who got a hold of the National Consumer Law Center, a consumer protection advocacy group.

The representative who answered just happened to be on a Capital One advisory panel and reached out to the company.

“It’s illuminating that it took the power of the press and even an organization familiar with the credit card billing laws to get this thing ultimately resolved in our favor,” said Eugene.

The next day, Capital One credited the remaining balance to the Barringtons’ account and then some, totaling $792.78.

“We are very pleased,” Eugene said. “Capital One has refunded not just the $700 overcharge, but some of the taxi ride and interest we have paid.”

He said he did not actually receive a call from Capital One regarding the refund but is just happy to have his money back.

“The issue is done as far as I’m concerned, and we’re moving on,” he said.

Capitol One responded to the incident, saying that they value the Barringtons as customers and apologize for the inconvenience.

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