Teen service officer reunites with mother after delivering baby

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A young Hollywood community service officer and a mother were reunited, Thursday, just one week after he delivered the woman’s fourth child.

Courtney Cherranfant said she is grateful to 19-year-old Mark Robbins after the teen sprang into action.

“Thank you. I can’t thank you enough just for being there. It’s just a blessing,” she said, holding her new baby boy, Mason.

“I was just shocked, I wasn’t really thinking about anything else. Seeing him now, he’s adorable,” said Robbins. “It’s crazy that I was able to help.”

Robbins was on the scene of a traffic crash in the area of Johnson and 46th Avenue, Dec. 7.

“He really was there for a reason because now that he said that he was doing an accident, I’m like ‘Oh, so he wasn’t supposed to be there,'” said Cherranfant.

At the same time, Courtney Cherranfant and her husband were rushing to a hospital after the mother of three went into active labor with her fourth child. The couple was blocks away from the hospital, but Cherranfant knew she wouldn’t make it in time.

“Oh, my God, this is not happening right now. I never thought I would be delivering a baby in the car,” said Cherranfant.

That’s when the couple spotted Robbins on the side of the road.

7News cameras followed Cherranfant into her car, where she said Robbins helped deliver her baby.

“This is pretty much where the miracle happened. My baby came out. The officer helped me right here,” she said.

Robbins had been working with Hollywood Police for just a couple weeks and had no experience delivering babies.

“It was scary, especially because I’ve never seen a baby, like, just born, so I was scared myself,” he said. “I was kind of like, ‘Come on buddy. Come on. Breathe, buddy.'”

Both officer and mother called the delivery a miracle. “Christmas is the time for miracles, so I guess it was perfect timing,” said Robbins.

“There are some good people out in the world, and miracles do happen,” said Cherranfant.

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