Teen on house arrest after violently throwing woman in pool

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A teen is now on house arrest after he was accused of violently throwing a woman into a community pool.

Leon Balfour, 16, made a court appearance Tuesday, after he surrendered himself to police the day before. Balfour has been placed on house arrest for at least three weeks and can only leave his home to go to school, church and basketball related activities.

Authorities said, during a pool party over the weekend, Balfour picked up 68-year-old Nancy James and threw her in an apartment complex pool.

James was on the neighborhood association and went down to request the partygoers turn down the music.
The partygoers all fled after James was thrown in the pool. However, Balfour’s mother saw the video and made her son turn himself in to authorities.

Upon hearing that Balfour was released on house arrest, James feels he is still getting off too easy. “That does not make me happy,” she said. “I could see if they wanted him to go to school or church but not the basketball. That’s a privilege. That’s a privilege. I do not think that’s right.”

Paul Molle, Balfour’s attorney said his client is a good kid who simply made a bad decision. “He’s a junior. He’s a very good student, quality student, all B’s and A’s. He’s a good kid. It’s an unfortunate situation, and I think with time, it will pan out, and we will get to see the real kid for who he is,” he said.

Balfour will have another court date set in the future.

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