Teen injured in NW Miami-Dade shooting home from hospital

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida teen who survived a shooting that, police said, left one person dead and another injured is home from the hospital and speaking out about the terrifying ordeal.

Nineteen-year-old Demetric McCall described the moments someone opened fire on him, Wednesday night, as he sat on a sofa in his Northwest Miami-Dade home.

His torso bandaged and his right forearm in a cast, the teen said he is in a lot of pain. “I feel horrible. I feel shot,” he said.

The teen also now has stitches in his left arm and is nursing a number of other injuries. “Every time I hit it, every time somebody looks at it, man, it hurts,” he said.

Police said McCall was targeted in front of his home, located near Northwest 23rd Avenue and 66th Street.

McCall said the incident began with a verbal altercation he had with a woman at a nearby store that turned physical. “I told her I don’t hit females. I got two of my sisters,” he said.

McCall said police agreed the woman initiated the argument and told everyone to leave, but before that happened, she threatened to send her boyfriend after him.

Once McCall got home, about 10 minutes later, he said, a car with three or four men inside pulled up in front of his home. One of them got out of the vehicle and engaged in a physical fight with him.

At first, it was fists flying, but police said another man got out of the car, and someone pulled out a gun and opened fire.

“It felt like my arm got blown off, or whatever the case may be,” said McCall, “but the second bullet, that’s when he tried to step over me and shoot me in the head. You feel me? I threw my arm up.”

McCall pointed at the parts of his body where he sustained gunshot wounds. “I got shot one time right here. I got grazed three times in the chest,” he said as he looked at his torso. “I don’t know what this is. I think that’s fragments.”

McCall said his neighbor witnessed the shooting and saved his life when he fired back at the subjects with his own weapon, killing one of them and injuring another. The latter victim continues to recover at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

McCall’s mother, Taffany McCall, said she is doing her best to care for her son, staying by his side just like she did on the night of the shooting. She said she’s happy she’s not planning a funeral like another family is right now.

“I don’t have no animosity on this young man. I hope his soul went to heaven,” said Taffany, “and I pray for him, as I was sitting right next to him, but when I ask this young man not to shoot my son, the last words he told me were, ‘Your son is dead.'”

Taffany said Wednesday’s shooting has been a wake-up call for her son and for her. She has plans to move her family out of Miami-Dade County because she doesn’t feel safe there anymore.

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