Teachers rally in Miami Gardens, ask lawmakers for more resources

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - A group of South Florida teachers said their students do not have enough resources for learning as school begins Monday in Miami-Dade County.

Teachers gathered at Betty T. Ferguson Sunday and called on lawmakers to provide adequate resources for their students.

“I am standing up for public education,” said Broward County teacher Denise Soufriene. “Public education needs more funding, and we need a government in Tallahassee that believes in public school teachers, and I’m here to support that.”

Retired teacher Liz Schurak said the implications of properly educating students stretches outside the classroom.

“We have a democracy,” said Schurak. “In order to have a democracy, you have to have an educated population. If you don’t have an educated population, anything can happen to us.”

The teachers who attended partnered up with the City of Miami Gardens, as well as the Florida Education Association and various other organizations.

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