‘Tarzan’ the monkey thrills Florida neighborhood

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A monkey that moved into Fort Lauderdale just after Christmas is quickly becoming a neighborhood star.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that residents of the city’s Rio Vista neighborhood have named the animal “Tarzan,” and are riding around in golf carts trying to get a glimpse of him.

Tarzan is likely from a colony of about 40 African vervet monkeys who are thought to have been released from a 1950s tourist attraction, but who now live in a dense patch of mangroves near Port Everglades.

Missy Williams, a PhD student at Florida Atlantic University who is studying the colony, says Tarzan is likely out searching for a new social group.

She expects him to return to the Port Everglades area after realizing there aren’t any other monkeys around.

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