Survey: Miami accent ranked one of the sexiest in the USA

MIAMI (WSVN) - It’s no secret that people from Miami have a very unique way of speaking. But according to a recent survey, Miamians have one of the sexiest accents in the country.

A recent survey by Big Seven Travel of their 1.5 million social audience lists the Miami accent as the 13th sexiest accent in the country.

“A relatively new young accent, the Miami accent has the same sexy rhythm as Spanish with Cuban loanwords thrown in for good measure,” the website wrote. “The word ‘salmon’ in Miami is pronounced with the L: ‘sall-mon.’ Long may it last.”

Taking first place is a Texan accent, followed by Bostonian in second place and New York in third.

Coming in at the bottom of the list were the Minnesotan at 48, New Jersey at 49 and Long Islander in 50th place.

The Floridian accent also came in at 44th place. “Not including the sexy twang of Miami, the Florida accent is a baffling mix of Midwest and Northeast with a hint of Southern,” the website stated. “A sandwich is a ‘sangwich’ and the people have spoken — it’s nowhere near the top 10.”

To check out the full list, click here.

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