Surveillance video shows ATV colliding into fire truck in Lauderhill

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - New surveillance video shows the moment of impact between an ATV and a fire rescue truck in Lauderhill.

Surveillance video that recorded the collision was released, Friday, showing the scene as an ATV rider was struck by a fire rescue truck en route to a call, Wednesday.

Pratt’s wife visited her husband at Broward Health Medical Center and confirmed he went into surgery, Friday, two days after that crash.

Pratt’s family was finally able to see what happened while at the hospital, and it’s all thanks to that video. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God,” said a disturbed relative.

“He stopped at the stop sign and went left,” said witness Brian McQueen, “and I watched the ambulance come across.”

The four-wheeler was pinned under the truck along Northwest 26th Street, near 42nd Avenue. Family members identified the ATV rider as 31-year-old Jerrone Pratt.

Witnesses said Pratt was turning left at the stop sign when he was hit. “You really can’t say who was at fault, because he was already going left, and I guess they were already coming,” said McQueen.

The surveillance shows the truck as it drove past the stop sign and then hit Pratt.

“Hell on earth. You never expect something like this to happen to somebody so close to you,” said Pratt’s brother, Jorrico Pratt. “I’m still a little bit shocked, because it’s not like it’s a friend of the family. It’s my blood brother, my older brother.”

7News also spoke with Jorrico at the scene of the crash, Wednesday. “When I got down here, we looked, and he was moving,” he said. “I guess, they say, he may have a little bit of brain injury because of how he was getting up, and when that happened, I seen that his right leg was broken. He was scraped up a lot. He had a lot of lumps on his head.”

According to family members of the ATV rider, Pratt suffered several broken bones, including a broken pelvis. Pratt’s brother said the 31-year-old has been sedated since the crash, and surgeons managed to save vital organs.

Pratt, the father of a young son, was riding the child’s four-wheeler and was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

“He stopped at the stop sign, and I guess he didn’t see the ambulance coming over the speed hump,” Pratt’s brother said.

The driver’s wife said they have to wait until Pratt is out of surgery to know when he will be able to go home.

Pratt’s family is now praying that their loved one will make a full recovery. They said the surgery was successful, but he still has a long way to go.

“So far, everything’s gotten a lot better. He’s showing a turn for the better,” said Jorrico. “So we’re far from where we need to be. We’re still praying, and we’re going to keep praying.”

Pratt’s family said he may go back into surgery sometime next week.

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