Surveillance captures car crashing into Fort Lauderdale cellphone repair shop

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Surveillance video inside a cellphone repair shop recorded the moments a car came crashing inside.

Plywood has already been put up at the Downtown Fort Lauderdale repair shop, which now needs a whole new front door.

A 7News viewer captured the scene from the outside after a white car could be seen smashed inside of the iFixandRepair store along East Broward Boulevard and Northeast Eighth Avenue, Sunday.

Store manager Jeff Janmarie had not seen the video of the crash until 7News showed him. “That is insane,” he said while watching the video.

Janmarie said that this was his first day on the job. “Yeah, and we saw a car just running through, and my [district manager] was like, ‘Yeah, a car ran through here,'” Janmarie said.

Police said that Kenya Frazier was behind the wheel. He was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

“You’d be nuts to do that,” Janmarie said. “I was looking at the turn. It’s not that curvy, but he must have said, ‘Forget that, I’m coming straight at it.'”

The store was closed at the time, so no one was injured.

“Could have got hurt, for real,” Janmarie said. “Could have got hurt. I mean, if you look at the space, it’s not that big.”

The store is still open, despite not having a front door. Customers can enter from the back.

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