Surfers in Deerfield Beach take advantage of waves ahead of Isaias’ arrival

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Although preparations are being made across Broward County to ensure residents remain safe ahead of the recently downgraded Tropical Storm Isaias, the ocean attracted several surfers to Deerfield Beach to take advantage of the waves.

7News cameras captured rough surf along the beach, Saturday night.

“A lot of adrenaline. We were just talking about how it’s so crazy, how the water and the wind can do such powerful and strong things,” said Boca Raton resident Maria Murray.

The day started off sunny and calm. A few people could be seen taking their morning runs, paddleboarding and sitting on the sand to watch the sunrise.

“Every morning I wake up to watch the sunrise; it’s my morning ritual,” said one resident.

Several restaurant patrons were also spotted enjoying their breakfast at a cafe along the beach.

“Watch the sunrise, grab some breakfast, get any essentials we might need,” said Fort Lauderdale resident Brett Fitelson. “I’m prepared. and I’m taking proper precautions.”

A fence blocked people from walking onto the pier but that did not stop people from socially distancing on the beach or surfers from riding the waves.

By 11 a.m., dozens of surfers could be seen in the water, although lifeguards asked beachgoers to not go in the water, as Isaias inched closer to the Florida coast.

Many beachgoers were seen not wearing masks, even though it is currently a requirement in Broward County.

The weather eventually changed, as a strong storm pushed the Atlantic Ocean toward the shore. Huge waves crashed onto the sand, making it dangerous.

“The big waves, it was amazing to see,” said a beachgoer.

Area residents couldn’t help sneaking a peek. They were curious about this system’s intensity.

“We’ve been stuck at home so much, and just, ‘Let’s go watch some waves, have a drink,’” said beachgoer Holly Hall.

Cameras captured restaurant employees moving tables and chairs indoors after it started pouring.

Many beachgoers said they were going home before the weather worsens.

“We came for about an hour, but we’re ready to go back home pretty soon and stay safe,” said Murray.

7News cameras captured a few people underneath the pier just after 5:30 p.m., but that crowd thinned out about an hour later.

The county has 34 shelters prepared if needed, but as of Saturday night, it remained unclear whether they will be used.

Pompano Beach closed all beaches at noon, Saturday.

A Hurricane Warning was issued for Palm Beach County, just north of Deerfield Beach. A Hurricane Watch that had been issued between Hallandale Beach and Boca Raton was later cancelled.

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