Supplies come in for Keys residents, but some say it’s not enough

KEY WEST, FLA. (WSVN) - After Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys, supplies are now coming in for residents who are struggling to get by.

“It started out slow yesterday but it’s been a bit better today,” said Karen Cauffin.

Cauffin is one of many Irma victims, who waited in line to get much needed supplies such as food and water.

Help came from all around, including some volunteers from the Israeli Rescue Coalition. “The people of Israel have open hearts and open arms and hands to help with whatever it is that we can do with people all over the world, all walks of life,” said volunteer Gavy Friedson.

Most communications across the Keys are down and cell phone signal is incredibly spotty, making it hard for residents to contact loved ones or even to keep informed as to what’s going on.

One woman Debbie Fritz, went to go get food, but then she found out that the curfew was in place.

She is just one of many people working frantically to get something to eat or drink.

However, some Keys residents feel that they have been forgotten.

“I’ve been here 15 years. I went through Wilma. It’s always the same thing when it comes to Key West. We’re at the end of the chain. It’s not right,” said Thomas Latorre.

Although some supplies have made it into the area, some still fear their families will go hungry.

“We need help back there. It’s desperate back there,” said Shari Pelletier.

Navy vessels are currently unable to dock in Key West due to the sunken vessels in the water. THose vessels would have to be removed before more help could come.

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