Sunrise business offers extreme dodgeball on trampolines

SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Sunrise business has brought an intense twist on a classic sport to South Florida.

Rebounderz is a new trampoline park in Sunrise, but despite it’s recent opening, it has drawn in large crowds.

“People are absolutely embracing it,” said owner Michael Vorbe. “the success that we’ve had is amazing. I think the community welcomed us with open arms, and we felt it from day one.”

Although the facility is a family entertainment center, some are utilizing it to practice for “American Ninja Warrior.”

However, one of the crown gems of the business is the extreme dodgeball — imagine regular dodgeball on a court-sized trampoline.

“This sport requires you to do everything with every muscle,” said Alex Carpenter, a trampoline dodgeball enthusiast. “From throwing the ball with your arms, to jumping with your feet, landing on your back, dodging. It’s just really crazy and fun and everybody loves it.”

“Seeing the smiles on the kid’s face is amazing,” Vorbe said. “Even the parents are smiling because they’re getting the kids off the couch, away from the electronics and exercising.”

“Even my employees, when they clock out, they go to play the dodgeball game,” said owner Sebastien Vorbe.

“Dodgeball is the only place where we allow you to let the anger out safely,” said Medge Delva, a dodgeball referee. “Dodgeball’s the best game that we have. It allows you to interact with people on any level. Six years old, 7 years olds, 18 years old, 20 years old, 30 years old — it just allows you to have fun.”

“This is definitely energetic, in fact, after five minutes, I thought they were gonna collapse,” said parent Ann Marie Love.

“It’s phenomenal. That’s not a word to really describe it, because you’re jumping on a trampoline. Sometimes you do that flip, you get that ball coming at you. The energy, the adrenaline that’s going through you, it’s unbelievable. You only have to try it.”

Dodgeball has gotten so popular at Rebounderz that it is now offered everyday of the week.

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