Student won’t face felony charges after alleged threats to 3 high schools

MIAMI (WSVN) - A girl who allegedly made threats on social media to three Miami-Dade high schools is no longer facing felony charges after she made a court appearance, Tuesday.

Police arrested Francesca Gallardo, Monday, after, schools officials said, she used Instagram to threaten three Miami-Dade high schools. An Instagram post showed an image of a gun, with the caption “i hate people.” Below the image was a comment from someone, which read “anyone from ferg dade or varela don’t go to school tmmw.”

School board officials confirmed they received the social media threats over the weekend, which were aimed at Felix Varela High School, John A. Ferguson High School and South Dade High School.

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Gallardo didn’t answer questions as she left court with her mother on Tuesday.

Police charged the teen with a felony count of a written threat to kill or do bodily harm and a misdemeanor count of disrupting an educational institution.

On Tuesday, the state attorney’s office decided not to pursue the felony charge of a written threat to kill or do bodily harm.

“I don’t blame anyone for being nervous about whatever it was that initially happened,” her attorney, Judd Aronowitz, said, “and now the investigation has gone on, and now we’re down to a misdemeanor and hopefully we’re gonna be in a situation where the child is able to be in a better situation and move on. She’s a good student. She does a lot of things on her own for the community, and she deserves that break.”

Gallardo remains suspended from school for 10 days while her school, Ferguson High School, decides whether to allow her to return.

The case will be presented to a judge again on May 10 to determine the next step regarding the misdemeanor charge.

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