State investigating possible algae bloom in Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - The city of Fort Lauderdale is asking the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to investigate a possible algae bloom.

Investigators collected samples of green, murky water in the area of East Las Olas Blvd and Bontona Ave on Tuesday, and will determine if the bloom poses a health risk.

City officials offered tips to prevent algae blooms from occurring or worsening:

  • Do not fertilize your lawn near the waterways. Fertilizers used in landscaping contain high amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous. Rainwater washes those into the water and feeds the algal bloom.
  • Pick up after your pets. Pet waste has high concentrations of nitrogen. Pet waste left on the street or lawn is washed away into the storm drains. All drains lead to the waterways like canals, rivers, bays and beaches. Do not dispose of pet’s waste in the waterways.
  • Do not swim near algal blooms.
  • Do not allow pets to drink the untreated water when algae is present.

Residents can report possible blooms directly to the state by calling (855) 305-3903, or online at

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