MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - New disturbing details are being learned about the past of the Miami Beach Senior High School student accused of making threats in Colorado just days ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting.

Eighteen-year-old Sol Pais, who the FBI said was “infatuated” with the 1999 school shooting, was found dead Wednesday in an apparent suicide after a nearly 24-hour manhunt.

Pais’ obsession with the massacre was seemingly made apparent in an online blog she reportedly ran called “Dissolved Girl.”

The page featured posts about weapons and shared messages of angst like, “I will always question why this universe decided to create humans. We are a tragic, pathetic story in the making, and I feel like the only one who sees it.”

Pais also kept a handwritten journal, which was filled with illustrations of guns, a bloody knife and a skull.

The journal also contained an image of an armed man who greatly resembles one of the Columbine shooters.

Inside the journal were messages like, “I feel like a pot of scalding water on the verge of boiling over… so dangerously close to spilling over… I’m afraid of my currently unknown capacity for pain and misery and anger.”

Pais went on to write, “I have done quite a good job at keeping all of the explosive energy inside of me but every time… worse and worse. And worse.”

In late March, somebody who identified themselves as “Dissolved Girl” posted a question on a gun forum regarding the purchase of a shotgun in the State of Colorado.

The person said she was 18 years old, the same age as Pais.

The FBI were asked about the website journal in a news conference but did not comment on it.

Pais was described as quiet, smart and courteous by her classmates.

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