South Florida student one of 11 worldwide to get perfect test score

A South Florida high school student turned out to be one of only a handful of students to achieve a perfect score on the AP Calculus exam this year.

As many as 120,000 students took the test, but only 11 achieved a perfect score.

John Mistele from Ransom Everglades School entered an elite group of math whizzes, who correctly answered all 45 multiple choice and six free response questions.

“That’s pretty much impossible to do, and this has made history at Ransom Everglades School,” Ransom Everglades High School teacher Henry Stavisky said.

Mistele, a high school senior, is on the math team.

“It’s excellent! It’s an honor. I’m happy. I’m proud that it happened,” Mistele said. “I don’t know how I’ll top this.”

The math team member was ranked number one in the state in statistics last year and earned a perfect score at the Mu Alpha Theta State Championship Conference in Orlando this April.

“If there’s anyone who would’ve done it, it would have been him,” said one classmate.

Numbers aren’t Mistele’s only strong point. He also takes AP Physics, AP French Language and Culture, AP U.S. Government, AP English Literature, Linear Algebra and photography.

He’s hoping his score will attract the attention of one of the country’s top universities.

“I am applying restrictive early action to Stanford University, so if they’re interested in this achievement that would be terrific,” Mistele said.

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