South Florida pastor killed in car accident in Bahamas

MIAMI (WSVN) - A South Florida family and a congregation are now in mourning after a pastor’s trip took a tragic turn.

Fifty-one-year-old Bishop Darryl Coleman of Shake Up Evangelistic Ministries in Miami had just finished preaching at a church in the Bahamas nearly two weeks ago when the ride back to where he was staying turned tragic.

“Everybody’s in total disbelief and I’m still wishing this was a dream,” said Coleman’s wife, Rennett Coleman.

He had been a preacher in Miami for nearly a decade. He was also a father of three and a grandfather.

Coleman says her husband lost his life saving others.

“The car was about to go off the bridge and he got up and he started driving the car,” said Coleman. “I know the first thing he thought of was to get up and save everyone to drive the car.”

His sacrifice meant survival for his assistant and fellow church member, Marina Dozier.

“The driver just started having a seizure. Bishop Coleman said, ‘He’s having seizure.’ The driver’s side is on the right hand side, so Bishop Coleman got up and sat on the console and grabbed the steering wheel,” said Dozier. “Bishop Coleman is still on the console steering the steering wheel and we made impact. And I audibly heard the Lord say, ‘Put your head down.'”

Dozier is now recovering at Broward Health Medical Center with a broken leg and stitches on her head.

“God has given me another chance,” said Dozier.

She said the car burst into flames and her pastor would not make it.

Now bonded closer by heartbreak but strong in hope, they have a mission to continue Bishop Coleman’s legacy together and impact the community he loved.

“Bishop Coleman used to do open air ministry services down in the Overtown area where we would take everything from the church, the sound system, have a full service outside. And we would feed and clothe the people of the community, and that is not going to stop,” said Dozier.

“He started a good work, so we’re just going to carry on where he left off,” added Coleman.

Those close to the family have set up a GoFundMe page for the pastor’s wife.

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