South Florida organizations revamp home of WWII veteran

MIAMI (WSVN) - Some kind-hearted South Floridians teamed up to renovate the Miami home of a World War II vet.

Veteran Charles Adderley has been living in Miami for nearly 50 years.

“[In] 1969, I bought the property and tried to make it a home as best I can,” said Adderley.

The 93-year-old bought his home shortly after he returned from the front lines in World War II.

Adderley said some of those memories still haunt him.

“And anyone that has been exposed to it, it’s not a comfortable feeling talking about it — memories, and I tried to avoid that,” he said. “I know because I was there. I was involved, and thanks be to God, His blessing brought me back home again.”

Now his longtime home is in need of several repairs.

“I didn’t have the money, so I had no one to go to,” said Adderley.

Several South Florida organizations, including Volunteers of America, have teamed up to help out.

“Once we took on this project, I went back and told the guys what we were doing. Everyone was excited. Everyone was sold on it. Everyone was motivated to really do a great job because we know who we are doing it for,” said Travis Williams of Cherry Roofing.

Crews worked to revamp Adderley’s roof and said they will not stop there.

“What they told me is that I will have a complete renovation, not only the roof but a complete renovation of my home,” said Adderley.

His home will get a complete makeover, inside and out, as part of a big gesture for a brave man who served the country.

“I am very happy and grateful for all of those that has been a part of and will remain a part of me,” said Adderley.

Along with the renovations, the veteran will also receive new furniture and appliances.

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