South Florida Muslim community to protest Trump’s immigration plan

MIAMI (WSVN) - Just one day after President Trump announced plans to halt the immigration of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries to the U.S., the Muslim community in South Florida plans to come together in protest in Downtown Miami.

Today, there is real concern among the Muslim community for not only the safety of their relatives in other countries but for their own future here in the United States.

Besides taking steps to stop accepting Syrian refugees into the U.S., Trump is expected to suspend the United States’ broader refugee program for 120 days, which includes suspending the practice of issuing visas for people from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa. Some of these countries are torn by warfare.

Groups seeking to help those from these countries agree Trump’s plan is a step backwards.

“We do have in place, and we have had in place, a very effective system of scrutinizing our immigrants and scrutinizing the refugees that come to this country,” said Wilfredo Ruiz, Communications Director of the Center of American and Islamic Relations (CAIR), “so Mr. Trump is just continuing his campaign.”

“It’s un-American, completely un-American. America was based on immigrants,” Iman Aboulazem said on Wednesday.

Danny Darwish, the owner of an insurance company in Plantation and a Muslim, told 7 News Wednesday that the president should be given a chance. But, he said, Trump should give immigrants another way to escape hardships.

“I think to limit it, yeah, why not?” he said, “But do another alternative because they’re still humans, and they need somewhere to go, you know?”

The protest will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. in Downtown Miami.

Florida Highway Patrol has issued a stern warning, Thursday, saying that anyone who blocks major highways will be subject to arrest.

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