South Florida boy who saved younger brother donates gifts to charity

The 9-year-old South Florida boy who saved his younger brother is making the rounds on national TV shows and receiving plenty of praise.

Last week, 7News aired the exclusive video of Joseph Levy diving to catch his 11-month-old baby brother, who had fallen from a changing table.

“I just turned for a second, and I saw him rolling, and I ran,” Joseph told CNN, Friday.

Joseph’s quick reflexes have captured the nation’s attention, and people have sent him gifts. But Joseph posted on social media to say that he’ll be donating all those gifts to charity.

“Well, I really didn’t know how I ran that fast because I’m never actually able to run that fast,” Joseph said.

Tila Levi, the boys’ mother, had turned her back when the baby fell off the table.

“The first thing I did was I fell to the floor, and I hugged him, and the baby was fine,” Levi said, “but I really needed an explanation. I wasn’t quite sure how everything occurred. I just kept saying to Joseph, ‘You saved him, you saved him, you’re a super hero. Thank you so much.'”

The first thing Tila and Joseph did afterwards was go watch the video to see what happened.

“I was really, really, really, really nervous because I didn’t know what happened, and then I started crying,” Joseph said.

Levy said she hopes the video will be a lesson for other parents.

“I’m getting all kinds of emails and all kinds of stories and confessions, really, and the truth is, I think that as parents, we try our best. We try to protect our kids, nobody wants to see accidents happen,” Levy said, “so the purpose of this video is really to bring awareness.”

Meanwhile, Joseph took to social media after being flooded with gifts to tell his fans that he will be donating them.

“My family and I have decided to accept the generous offers of gifts from many around the country and donate it all to charity. I don’t feel I need to be rewarded for saving my brother, but I have decided to share this moment and the coming holiday season with children less fortunate than myself. #herobrotherjoseph.”

Joseph said this is something he’ll never let his little brother forget. “Let’s say if he was going to tell on me for something, I would tell him I saved his life,” Joseph said.

Joseph said he believes he was “pushed by an angel” and that’s what helped him save his brother.

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