Snapchat surgeon “Dr. Miami” is getting a reality show

A Miami plastic surgeon who posts live videos on Snapchat during procedures is getting his own reality show on a cable network.

“Dr. Miami,” aka Michael Salzhauer, will soon have a six-episode season on We-TV. Salzhauer has created a huge social media following with hundreds of thousands of followers on various social networks.

Salzhauer has social media assistants who record live, raw videos while he talks to the camera and explains what exactly is going on.

“We love this show because Dr. Salzhauer is a completely unique and authentic individual who is at the top of his profession and using social media in an innovative and powerful way,” said Marc Juris, president of We-TV.

Patients who are shown on Dr. Miami’s Snapchat do not have their faces show and give permission prior to the procedure.

“I have always been a fan of (We TV) shows, and I’m so excited to open up my door and my patients to their viewers,” Salzhauer told Variety.

“Plastic surgery shows have become a staple of unscripted TV, but a surgeon using Snapchat and other social platforms to literally bring fans into the operating room represents a bold and fresh twist that connects old and new media and will give us additional opportunities to attract and engage We TV viewers,” Juris said.

“Dr. Miami” has over 600,000 daily Snapchat viewers and was recently running against DJ Khaled and Kylie Jenner for 2015 “Snapchat of the Year.” Khaled later took home the Shorty award.

It is unclear at this time when the show will premiere.

If you’d like to follow Dr. Miami on Snapchat, add “therealdrmiami” (Warning: The material is very graphic).

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