Sexual assault suspect released for knee surgery caught walking, fishing

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla. (WSVN) — A South Florida millionaire accused of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter was allowed to leave jail to undergo knee surgery, but questions about the severity of his condition began swirling after he was caught walking outside his Lighthouse Point home.

Real estate developer Louis Bianculli faces life in prison if he is convicted for allegedly drugging his 12-year-old stepdaughter with chloroform, then torturing and sexually abusing her for years.

About two months ago, the suspect’s attorney convinced a Broward County judge to release his client from jail so he could undergo emergency surgery on his knee.

“Inside Edition” reporter Lisa Guerrero confronted Bianculli, 70, after he was captured standing and walking outside his $4 million mansion.

“Did you exaggerate your knee injury so you could get out of jail, sir?” she asked.

Bianculli did not respond.

Cameras rolled as Bianculli fished from the dock outside his residence and kicked back while reading a magazine.

Bianculli was first arrested in July 2015.

His stepdaughter told police he used to put a bag on her head to “see how many breaths she could take until she passed out.”

She added, “He’s the devil, and I’m in hell.”

The accusations were enough for Broward County Circuit Judge John Hurley to hold Bianculli without bond.

In court, Bianculli used a cane, but the “Inside Edition” footage shows him walking with a limp, without any assistance.

The footage, said his attorney, gives the wrong impression about his client’s well-being. “The appearance of it looks like he’s enjoying himself fishing, but he’s not,” said Cohen. “He’s walking around to keep moving the best that he can.”

Bianculli was not using a cane when he answered his door to a 7News crew, Thursday afternoon. “Get off my property,” he said.

Robbie Crispin is the private investigator hired by the alleged victim’s family to look into this. “A lot of people sitting in Broward County Jail would love to use this motion to get out and enjoy fishing and enjoy the South Florida lifestyle before they get their surgery,” he said.

The victim’s attorney said the video speaks for itself. “It’s a different individual that was portrayed to the court at the time that he requested emergency medical relief,” said David Weinstein.

Bianculli is due back in court next week. His attorney said his knee surgery is scheduled to happen soon.

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