Sen. Bill Nelson, Miami Police ramp up efforts to curb gun violence

MIAMI (WSVN) - Local leaders are ramping up efforts to curb gun violence in the city.

Senator Bill Nelson met with residents and officials, Friday, to come up with a solution to the recent string of shootings.

Leaders walked through the Liberty Square apartment complex, a place that has struggled with gun violence for years.

Most recently, there was a fatal shooting that took the lives of two young people, April 8.

The City of Miami Police and Miami-Dade Police Department launched Operation Blue and Brown, an initiative that put a command center in the area.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said there hasn’t been a shooting since.

“So that is significant. I don’t remember this length of time without somebody being shot in Liberty Square,” he said.

Even with the successful effort, everybody is in agreement that more police isn’t the only way to tackle the problem.

“You can’t solve a community’s problem unless you attack it comprehensively,” said Nelson.

Nelson later hosted a roundtable discussion at the Sandrell Rivers Theater to share ideas for curbing the violence.

Education and gun control reform were among the topics discussed.

“That’s why I’m here, to let them know that somebody cares, and somebody is trying to do something about it,” said Nelson.

Living conditions in public housing are already being tackled and redevelopment projects are currently underway, but the violence goes well beyond Liberty City.

Mothers of shooting victims were present at the event, hoping to shed more light on the reality of the situation.

“My child was murdered, her child was murdered,” said Leatha Bush. “It’s up to the community to come out and help make a difference and be a voice because we can’t do this alone.”

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