Security guard struck by doctor at entrance to Doral gated community speaks out

DORAL, FLA. (WSVN) - A security guard at a gated community in Doral found himself in the path of danger when, police said, a doctor drove his car right at him.

Access control is one of Mason Rue’s duties on Fridays at the community located along in the area of Northwest 73rd Street and 112th Avenue.

“I’m letting one car through, and I stop another. When that gate arm closes after that first car, I let the next one through,” said Rue. “We do that so that it doesn’t injure anybody, so the cars are not damaged when the gate comes down.”

But on May 24, he said, a driver did not want to wait his turn.

Surveillance video shows the driver, later identified by Doral Police as Dr. Kenneth Strubbe, ignoring commands to stop so the car in front could be scanned.

The footage then shows Strubbe hitting Rue twice with his white Lexus.

“I was scared that he was going to run me over and break my legs or put me under the car and kill me,” said the guard.

“I didn’t expect something like this to happen, no,” said Amanda Andujar, Rue’s mother.

Police arrested Strubbe six days later. He has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Andujar said her first concern was that her son was OK and that he passed the incident along to a supervisor. She said Strubbe is a resident of the community, so she is concerned.

But Rue said he didn’t ask for any of this to happen, and he added that Strubbe’s arrest may not have happened either if the suspect had not sent an email to the company who handles security at the gate.

That email and two internal reports that Rue wrote about the incident led his bosses to look at the surveillance video and contact police.

“It was not discovered by my bosses and brought to the authorities’ attention until the resident who had hit me emailed my bosses saying he has a luxurious car, and we should know to let him in, and I’m too incompetent to work the gate and should be fired,” said Rue.

Strubbe has since bonded out of jail. His arraignment has been scheduled for June 28.

Rue said he has not seen his assailant since the incident.

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