Sculpture crushes truck outside new ICA location

MIAMI (WSVN) - A massive sculpture that was being moved into the new location of the Institute of Contemporary Art smashed onto a truck during transport.

According to neighbors, it happened at around 12:30 p.m., Monday, outside the new location for the ICA museum, on Northeast 42nd Street, between First and North Miami avenues.

Crews were apparently lifting the 40,000-pound sculpture from a flatbed truck with a crane when one of the straps cradling the art snapped, sending it crashing onto the truck that moved it there.

“Forty-thousand pound sculpture crashing down,” said neighbor Robin Porter. “I feel bad for the artist, the insurance company, the trucking company, but it’s you know, a huge museum, and it’s in a residential neighborhood.”

A second truck was brought in to tow away the damaged trailer.

Neighbor Karl Williams said he came home and saw the commotion on the street. “I was a little shocked because nobody even told us it was happening,” he said.

The area was shut down for hours while crews figured out what their next move was.

“Somebody didn’t think this through,” Williams said. “Seriously, this should not have happened.”

After several hours, the piece was carefully lifted into the air and placed in the sculpture garden where it belongs.

No one was hurt, but some residents are now wondering if this is a bad sign for how the new museum will fit into their neighborhood. “Nobody even told us that they were doing it,” Williams said. “Today was trash pick up, if you notice my trash can is still here.”

Porter is more positive about the new addition. “We’ll see once it opens,” she said. “We’ll find out how good a neighbor they are.”

It remains unknown how much damage was done to the piece in the incident. It is also unknown what the value of the sculpture is.

The ICA museum is set to open on Dec. 1.

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