Scuba diver reunites missing iPhone with owner more than a year later

POMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A scuba diver didn’t need the Find my iPhone app to unearth a stranger’s iPhone 40 feet underwater off the coast of Pompano Beach.

This was not the catch Marshal Sklar expected while diving for lobsters after Hurricane Dorian.

“It was 40 feet of water,” said Sklar.

What he found instead was an iPhone.

“Couldn’t tell what kind it was,” said Sklar.

The phone was covered in barnacles and was not working. There was only one clue to its owner.

“Behind the case, there was a fishing license,” said Sklar, “and the fishing license, it was in pristine condition.”

So Sklar posted on Facebook searching for the owner.

“I only had it for two weeks,” said Carmen Miranda, the owner of the phone.

The power of social media did its thing.

“But I think it looks fantastic,” said Miranda. “Home button doesn’t work, though.”

What’s crazy is Miranda lost the phone more than a year ago.

“June of 2018,” said Miranda.

He lost the phone 20 miles from where Sklar found it.

“I lost it in Hollywood, in about 60 feet of water,” said Miranda.

“So it had a year and a half to bury itself in the sand or in the reef, and somehow it ended up right in front of me,” said Sklar.

Miranda surprised Sklar with his favorite drink to say thank you.

The phone still has some leftover growth from the ocean.

“I was going to call Apple and say, ‘I don’t know what happened to my phone, it just stopped working,'” said Miranda.

Instead, Miranda will keep it for a good story to tell — about an iPhone, a fishing license and the power of social media.

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