Rough surf causes coastal flooding, keeps spring breakers out of water

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Some spring breakers who came to South Florida for some salt water and sun are now dealing with coastal concerns.

It will be a busy month for beaches in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for spring break, but some vacationers were greeted by big, dangerous waves, Monday.

“We’re looking at large, Northeast swells from the storm up north,” said Ocean Rescue Lieutenant Matt Parness. “They’re pushing down. We’re looking at strong rip currents.”

The National Weather Service has issued a coastal flood advisory.

Standing water could be seen in the roadway near the Dania Beach Pier and a high risk for rip currents could occur in the water.

The strong surf left a mess in Dania Beach, Monday night, after waves sent sand into the parking lot at Frank C. Adler Park.

“Really bad, bad,” said fisherman Francisco Guerra, who snapped photos of the flooding in the parking lot.

“Their cars got stuck; they couldn’t get it out,” said Guerra. “They had to tow it out.”

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies blocked off the parking lot to keep other drivers getting stuck in the flooding.

Fishermen faced problems due to the rough surf, as well.

“Drag this like 200-pound cart through all the sand and water,” said fisherman Ariel Mendez. “I had water up to my knees going out. It was pretty rough.”

Spring breakers across South Florida are also feeling the effects of the strong current.

“I’m staying out of the water. The current has been pulling us down really far,” said vacationer Josie Rikod. “It’s been really rough, so we try not to get in too much.”

Neil Cornwell, who traveled to Fort Lauderdale Beach for spring break, said the impact hasn’t been that bad.

“I’m staying pretty close to the beach, don’t wanna get pulled out,” Cornwell said. “Nothing too bad so far, but definitely don’t want to go out too far today.”

A video taken by the Jupiter Inlet showed a small child standing on a pier before a big wave pushed her into the water. It took several adults to get her out.

The coastal flood advisory for Broward County will stay in effect until Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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