Rottweiler rescued in Sunrise after being found with chain embedded in neck

SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Sunrise veterinarian is concerned with how the case of a rescued Rottweiler was handled.

A good Samaritan brought the dog to Sunrise Animal Hospital Wednesday, where Dr. Jon Shetler helped the Rottweiler recover.

“He’s a very playful dog,” Shetler said. “I think as he’s feeling a little bit better, he’s getting a little more assertive. Assertive is code word for being a rascal.”

Pictures of the dog’s injury had to be blurred because of how bad it looked.

“He came in with a chain around his neck,” said Shetler. “It was chain link, like anchor chain. It was embedded into his neck several inches.”

Shetler removed the chain from the dog’s neck and gave him antibiotics.

He also called Broward County Animal Care and Regulation, while the good Samaritan had already called Sunrise Police.

“His neglect, his abuse is evident. It’s common sense. It’s clear,” said Shetler.

Dr. Shetler said he thinks the chain had been around the dog’s neck for at least a month if not several months.

The Broward County Animal Care website mentions that an embedded collar is a sign of cruelty.

The veterinarian believed the dog was getting a second chance at life after being brought in.

“I expected Animal Control to hold the dog, the Animal Control officers to conduct some form of an investigation and to work with the local Sunrise Police Department to try to bring the people to justice that have harmed the dog,” he said.

However, according to Shetler and Sunrise Police, Animal Care ended up returning the dog the same day to the owner, who came up through a check of the dog’s microchip.

“I was angry, I was very angry. I was very upset that there was no investigation of who had done this,” Shetler said. “I don’t know if it was that person, their family or somebody else, but the fact that it was back there with minimal investigation — everything that I could see, there was just no attempt even to.”

Sunrise Police said they tried to get Animal Care to pick up the dog again.

A police report stated that an Animal Control officer refused to remove the animal and advised that there was no imminent danger to the dog.

“Do we just not even pursue animal abuse in Broward County anymore?” said Shetler.

A Sunrise Police detective ended up retrieving the dog herself and brought him back to the animal hospital.

“Everybody loves him. We all have a real soft spot for him because he’s been through so much and he still maintains a good attitude,” Shetler said.

Broward Animal Care released a statement to 7News Friday that reads in part, “This is an active police investigation, and pending the outcome of the investigation, our agency will take all appropriate enforcement.”

The dog has since been picked up by a rescue group.

Shetler said he thinks the Rottweiler will be just fine and just needs some time to recover.

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