WSVN — When you call for an Uber, you’re looking for a ride. But one South Florida Uber driver is giving his customers much more. 7’s Craig Stevens shows us how this driver just might be on the “Road to Fame.”

You hop in your Uber and expect a quick ride… but what if your driver does this?

Daynel Artiles (singing): “Is it too late now to say sorry?”

You heard right… a singing Uber driver!

Daynel Artiles, singing Uber driver: “I’m going to sing for you pretty much!”

Passenger: “Oh, awesome! I’m so excited!”

Daynel Artiles started driving for Uber about a year ago…

Daynel Artiles: “It’s going really well for me because I get to work whenever I want.”

But… his passion for singing started a long time ago!

Daynel Artiles: “My dad was the first one to get me into music, so I give it up to him!”

Daynel was born in Cuba…

Daynel Artiles: “This was me when I was 4 years old.”

Daynel Artiles: “There really is no future. I remember waiting in line for like eggs, you know, because everything’s rationed.”

He says music helped him through the tough times…

Daynel Artiles: “Singing is one of those things that helps me get what I have out of my chest.”

When Daynel was 11, his family got their ticket out of Cuba…

Daynel Artiles: “I came here through a visa lottery that my mom won. That was real big for us, real big because getting out of Cuba meant a lot.”

But, the road ahead was a bumpy one…

Daynel Artiles: “My mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, mania and psychosis.”

Daynel refused to give up on his dreams. He joined the Army to get his education.

Daynel Artiles: “I got injured the second week of me being in the military.”

His injury forced him home, but once again Daynel moved forward.

Daynel Artiles: “When I came back I kinda like wanted to be my own boss, so I heard of Uber and I gave it a try.”

He was making money for school, but he craved music!

Daynel Artiles: “I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I sing for people?'”

Now this car crooner is steering for stardom!

Passenger: “This is the best! The best Uber experience!”

Daynel Artiles: “I’m trying to get famous, get discovered so I tell people to take a video of me singing and post it on social media.”

And his passengers are singing his praises…

Adrienne Graham, passenger: “I was surprised! I just got off of work and you’re kinda stressed out and then you get in the car and then you get a concert. It’s really nice!”

With every ride, he’s getting more exposure…

Nkechi Arinze, passenger: “It’s amazing you know, because I was really stressed out.”

Adrienne Graham, passenger: “He’s on his way definitely!”

Daynel says that motivation drives him… hopefully down the road to fame.

Daynel Artiles: “I believe I’m going to get noticed. Get signed, you know, get a contract.”

Daynel is going to school and driving for Uber, hoping to get noticed! You can see more of the videos people have posted of him singing on Instagram by searching the hashtag #singinguberdriver.



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