Retired FBI analyst provide tips to survive mass shooting

(WSVN) - A retired FBI analyst sat down with 7News to discuss how to survive a mass shooting in the wake of the fatal tragedy in Parkland.

It’s a horrific and heart-stopping scene to see students running for their lives to escape an active shooter. Sadly, these instances have happened more and more.

Retired FBI analyst Scott Hahn spoke with 7News on how to survive an active shooter and said that it’s all about instincts and running away from the scene.

Scott Hahn: “There was a kid they interviewed and he said, ‘The minute I heard something, I knew it didn’t sound right.’ This is the kind of kid that other kids should pattern themselves after.”

While this may go against school plans designed to coral children into a single place to keep track of everyone, it can be the difference between life or death.

Scott Hahn: “He told his friends, ‘No pictures, no Snapchat, let’s get out of here.’ They ran to the middle school, jumped the fence and continued running until they got to a safe haven.”

If you can’t run, hide. And fortify your hiding place as best you can with anything you can find as demonstrated in a Youtube video.

Scott Hahn: “Look for hardened materials to stand or hide behind.”

That’s what some of the students did at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during Wednesday’s massacre.

Terrified, they hunkered down as shots rang out and waited for police to arrive.

Student: “We started to hear gunshots in the hallway, and we all just kinda like ran towards my teacher’s desk. We were bunched up on top of each other hiding.”

If all else fails, fight with all your might and as if your life depends on it.

Scott Hahn: “If he makes it in anyway, throw anything you have at him. If you have books, laptops, anything that’s hard and can hurt somebody. Throw it at him, scream, and as you are fighting, fight to escape.”

Even social media can be used as a lifeline to survive an active shooter.

Scott Hahn: “As the kids are doing what they’re doing, as they’re being subjected to this heinous act, it would be really nice to know where they are located, who’s in the room with them, is anyone hurt, what situation they have in their room, how many shooters there are. That kind of information can be picked up by law enforcement and we can use that as a tactical advantage.”

The one thing we can all do to stay safe is to always have an exit strategy wherever we go.

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