Rescued turkey vulture recovering at Pelican Harbor Seabird Station

MIAMI (WSVN) - An injured turkey vulture is now on the mend thanks to the hardworking folks at the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

7News cameras spotted the young bird in Little Haiti, Wednesday, as he struggled to stand.

Pelican Harbor Seabird Station soon came to the bird’s rescue as part of their mission to help native birds and other wildlife.

“Any donations that people give are really helpful for us, but also people who call us, who find injured animals,said Yaritza Acosta, the seabird station’s rehabilitation manager. “People who can bring them in or help contain them, spread the word and support us is also a big help.”

Big help is needed for the organization whose job never ends.

Acosta showed 7News another bird, a white ibis, that was brought to the clinic via Uber.

Uber has served as a convenient way the clinic retrieves securely contained patients.

The rehabilitation center hosts about 20 animals, but so far in 2017, the facility has taken in close to 1,400 birds and other small animals.

The goal has been to release them, but some animals have found a permanent home at the station.

Animals that can’t be released help with programs to educate the public — like Luna the one-eyed owl, Merl the domesticated possum, and Peppy, a pelican who never fully recovered from a wing injury.

While those animals have settled into their new home, Acosta hopes the turkey vulture’s stay will only be temporary.

“And here is the fracture, right in here,” said Acosta, pointing to an X-ray that shows the bird’s fractured neck.

Acosta and other volunteers will do everything they can to help the bird recover so that he can return to a normal life.

“It’s a really great feeling to be able to heal that animal and get him back out into the wild,” said Acosta.

The Pelican Harbor Seabird Station has been able to save South Florida wildlife thanks to volunteers and donations from the community.

If you would like to get involved with the station, click here.

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