Rescue teams return home after aiding Maria victims in Puerto Rico

MIAMI (WSVN) - Members of two search and rescue teams are returning home after helping with the crisis in Puerto Rico.

After being deployed to Puerto Rico for just over a week, members of Florida Task Force One and Two returned home overnight to a hero’s welcome.

The group arrived at Miami International Airport, just after 12:30 a.m., before meeting with loved ones at a fire station.

The crews were on the island assisting with initial rescue efforts. “We had an opportunity to sort of forecast a lot of things that we may be presented with,” said one member returning home. “The team was in a very good state of readiness, and as a result, we brought with us a lot of talented individuals and a fair amount of resources and did what we could to help the citizens of Puerto Rico.”

Crews were thrown into action immediately following the impact of Hurricane Maria.

Some of the members were still dealing with the fallout of Hurricane Irma.

“We know that after Irma, they were personally affected, and we still had to send them to Puerto Rico to do some of that search and rescue work,” said Miami Fire Rescue Chief Joseph Zahralban. “It’s always a great feeling to get them to come home. We’re extremely proud of them.”

Before that, the teams helped victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas.

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