Report: Broward Schools to tear down building at Stoneman Douglas where mass shooting took place

PARKLAND, FLA. (WSVN) - The Broward County Public School District plans to tear down the building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High where 17 people were killed in a mass shooting.

Family and friends paid their respects on Friday to the 17 lives lost in the deadly school massacre with heavy hearts.

“It just blows my mind that this could’ve happened here,” said former student Anthony Giufforeda. “It doesn’t feel real yet. It feels like a bad dream.”

“It’s so many emotions that brings tears to my eyes,” said former student Samantha Schwanz.

“Their lives were cut short for no reason,” said a mourner.

Days after the Parkland shooting, the community pushed city and school leaders to demolish the building where the attack took place, just as school officials did following the deadly attack in Sandy Hook.

“That’s something I would support,” said Superintendent Robert Runcie, “but it will require funding from the state in order to execute and approval by our school board.”

Runcie also told the Sun-Sentinel the district plans to demolish and replace the freshman building on the campus.

“Parents and students have resoundingly told me they can’t go back into that building regardless of what we do,” Runcie told the Sun-Sentinel. “The other piece I heard is that that building will be used as evidence in any type of legal process that goes forward, so we won’t be able to access the building for a while anyway.”

Runcie said an announcement will be made over the weekend about when the school will re-open.

“I don’t know how teachers, students could get back in that building. I don’t even know how we’re going to open the whole campus, period,” Runcie told the Sun-Sentinel.

Now as the grieving continues and the healing process begins, the community is hoping a change will come soon.

“Something needs to change because this can not become the norm,” Schwanz said.

If you would like to help, a GoFundMe page has been set up.

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