Puppy with mouth bound shut left at West Palm Beach vet


A 1-year-old puppy is fighting for her life after she was dropped off at a West Palm Beach animal hospital with her mouth bound shut.

Volunteers at Paws 2 Help said two women dropped Pixie off over the weekend, but neither would explain how Pixie wound up with an elastic band wrapped tightly around her mouth. They did say she wouldn’t stop barking before they quickly left.

The veterinarians at Paws 2 Help said the next 18 hours for Pixie are critical. “She smelled like rotten meat, so I knew we had dead tissue right there on her face somewhere,” said Dr. Lisa Matthews.

Graphic photos show deep cuts around the Yorkie mix’s nose, as well as unkempt and matted fur.

“I don’t know who put this around her snout, but somebody did, and they hurt her,” Matthews said.

The puppy is slowly showing signs of improvement after only a couple of days at the animal hospital. Recently, Pixie ate for the first time since the band around her mouth was removed.

“It just hurt something deep inside you to see this kind of abuse,” Matthews said. “But to see them come out of it, makes it all worthwhile.”

The vets are trying to get an infection under control so Pixie has less trouble eating. They may need to insert a feeding tube.

It is unclear if the women who dropped her off will be facing any charges.

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