Litter of puppies found abandoned in SW Miami-Dade park

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida mother and her daughters came upon an unexpected find while walking in a South Florida park: 17 abandoned puppies.

Diana Hernandez said she took her family to the neighborhood park in Southwest Miami-Dade, Sunday afternoon. “I just woke up that day, and I’m like, ‘Let’s go to the park,’ and thank God we came,” she said.

Hernandez said she suddenly spotted something odd in the middle of the park. As she got closer, the good Samaritan realized it was a blue plastic bin.

Hernandez then leaned in to look inside, and that’s when she found the Labrador mix puppies. “I was like, ‘Puppies?’ I thought, ‘Oh, maybe they’re for sale,'” she said.

But they weren’t for sale. They had been dumped, likely left to die. “I don’t know who could have the heart to do that. It’s heartbreaking,” said Hernandez. “I couldn’t believe somebody could do that to such cute little puppies. I couldn’t believe it.”

The puppies sat on top of one another, covered in fleas and ticks, with no food or water.

Cellphone videos captured the 5-week-old puppies frolicking in the grass and playing with Hernandez’s daughters. “There was this really cute [puppy],” said one of Hernandez’s daughters.

Hernandez took the canines home and contacted Paw Patrol Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. “It’s horrific,” said Annie Garay with Paw Patrol. “It’s hot in Miami. They were under no cover.”

The animals were taken to Crossroads Animal Hospital in Kendall.

Garay said she’s certain the abandoned animals would not have lasted long alone in the park. “People need to be responsible. I mean, spaying and neutering a dog makes all the difference,” she said.

A few days made a world of difference for these puppies. Most of the puppies are currently in foster care with Paw Patrol and Little Paws of Love Rescue.

They will soon be put up for adoption, all thanks to a day in the park and a good Samaritan’s actions. “I really, really hope they find happy families that will take care of them, honestly,” said Hernandez. “That’s all I wanted for them.”

If you would like to help support Paw Patrol Animal Rescue or would like to apply to adopt one of the puppies, go to the rescue’s Facebook page or PayPal account.

Update: Due to our coverage of this story, Paw Patrol Animal Rescue has received an overwhelming number of applicants. However, other puppies, including a 9-month-old, black, Labrador retriever mix, is up for adoption, as well. He’s a little bigger, but is still a puppy and is looking for a loving home! See below:

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The little wet puppy is one of the 17 pups we rescued Monday, which had over 100 people interested, why because he's cute and small, but half the people didn't want to pay an adoption fee, just wanted freebies. Onxy is the same Lab mix breed, black color, 9 months old still puppy. He was probably a really cute puppy when he was 8 weeks old but once he grew they no longer wanted him, dumped on the side of the road. My point is… Ana Lopez Garay and I received over a 100 calls, texts and applications for the 17 and not one foster offer or even an application for the same looking dog, just a little bigger. Onxy is sooo sweet and just as beautiful as all the puppies. @pawpatrolanimalrescue #onyx #AVAILABLEFORADOPTION

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