Publix issues recall on multiple ground beef products sold in Central Florida

(WSVN) - Publix is issuing a voluntary recall on a range of ground beef products due to the possibility of E. coli contamination.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service says the ground chuck items were sold at Publix stores throughout Central Florida from June 25, 2018, through July 31, 2018.  Click here for a full list of affected counties; Monroe, Miami-Dade and Broward counties are not included in the recall.

Eighteen patients were reported to have gotten sick from E. coli, and the USDA noted all of them had eaten ground chuck products purchased at various Publix stores.

Health officials said that though the products were sold in June and July they are concerned some items may still be in customers’ freezers. The USDA said anyone who still has any of the items should throw them away or return them.

The list of recalled items includes:

  • Bacon & cheddar burgers
  • Bacon & cheddar meatballs
  • Bacon & cheddar slider
  • Bacon & fried onion burger
  • Bacon & fried onion meatball
  • Bacon & fried onion slider
  • Badia seasoned ground chuck burger
  • Blue cheese burgers
  • Blue cheese meatballs
  • Blue cheese slider
  • Ground chuck
  • Ground chuck burgers
  • Ground chuck for chili
  • Ground chuck for meat loaf
  • Ground chuck slider
  • Jalapeno & cheddar slider
  • Jalapeno and cheddar burger
  • Jalapeno and cheddar meatballs
  • Meat loaf grillers
  • Mesquite seasoned ground chuck burger
  • Montreal seasoned chuck burger
  • Seasoned meatloaf (oven ready)
  • Spanish meatballs
  • Steakhouse seasoned ground chuck burger
  • Stuffed peppers (oven ready)
  • Stuffed pimento cheese burger
  • Swiss & mushroom burger
  • Swiss & mushroom meatball
  • Swiss & mushroom slider

The USDA said people usually become ill two to eight days after exposure to the E. coli organism. It can cause diarrhea, which is often bloody, as well as vomiting. While most people recover within a week of becoming ill, those with weakened immune systems can develop severe complications.

For more information on the recall, visit the USDA’s website.

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