Protesters voice opinion of 2 a.m. alcohol ban on Ocean Drive

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A last call issue for Miami Beach businesses has protesters speaking out.

Residents and business owners gathered outside City Hall Tuesday to make their voices heard. They’re asking the mayor and commissioners to reconsider their support of a 2 a.m. alcohol ban for a 10-block section of Ocean Drive.

The measure is on Tuesday’s election ballot, and protesters believe that this won’t reduce crime but destroy businesses.

“We’ll be in a depression state. You know, a lot of people will be in depression,” said Michael Wimberoy, who works on Ocean Drive. “This is the way we pay our bills, we live and feed our family.”

Ceci Velasco, Ocean Drive Association executive director, said that it’s important to voice your choice by voting.

“Our next step is to reach out to you, to go out and make sure that everybody votes ‘no’ on the question because it’s not fair,” she said. “It will not reduce crime, and over 300 people will lose their jobs, and we have all of the employees and the families here to demonstrate that.”

The group that organized the rally, Citizens for a Safe Miami Beach, said it wants real solutions to solve crime on Miami Beach.

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