Proposal may end greyhound racing in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (WSVN) - A proposed amendment may shut down greyhound racing in Florida.

According to Fox 13, the proposed constitutional amendment aimed at eliminating greyhound racing began moving through the Florida Constitution Revision Commission on Thursday. This commission has the power to place proposals like this directly on the ballot for November 2018.

Commission member and state Sen. Tom Lee said, “This is, for me, is a matter of conscience. Our society has changed. We are evolving as a people. We are becoming more sensitive to those who occupy this world with us, regardless of their species, and to those who are going to follow us for generations to come, and that’s a good thing.”

Supporters of the proposal singled out issues like greyhound injuries and deaths.

So far, the General Provisions Committee has approved Proposal 67, which would ban greyhound racing as of Dec. 31, 2019. Proposal 67 will now go to the Executive Committee before it may be considered by the full 37-member commission.

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