President-elect Trump and his family spend Thanksgiving weekend in Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - President-elect Donald Trump and his family are in town for the holiday weekend.

The Trumps are spending Thanksgiving at their 20-acre winter home at the Mar-a-Lago Club. His arrival for the holiday attracted the attention of media outlets across the nation.

Trump’s plane landed just before 7 p.m., Tuesday night, and his convoy was greeted by Trump supporters. “So excited that all of our hard work paid off,” said one supporter.

Trump supporter Mark Nobel stopped by the club, hoping to sing for the president-elect. “I went over there to talk to secret service to see if I could sing ‘God Bless America’ on Inauguration Day, in Washington, for Donald,” Nobel said.

He traveled from Fort Lauderdale on his bicycle, wearing Trump apparel in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the future U.S. president. “I couldn’t be happier, and now the day before Thanksgiving, it just makes my Thanksgiving,” Nobel said.

Wednesday morning traffic was bumper-to-bumper as many attempted to get a look at the president-elect and his family. “I don’t think he wants to disrupt anything more than he has to,” said Trump’s former butler, Tony Senecal. “I think he’ll go back and forth to the golf course, and that’ll be it.”

Senecal added that this is a tradition for Trump and his family. “It’s neat to see the president of the United States,” said Palm Beach tourist Hank Minter. “The president-elect in front of us here. It’s neat, you know. It’s great to see.”

Preparations are underway at the estate for Thanksgiving. Party tents were also seen being constructed at his home. “He’s an entertainer,” exclaimed Senecal.

Airspace over the property has been restricted and U.S. Coast Guard presence has been increased near the home. “It’s exciting,” said Nancy Minter, who is visiting from Philadelphia. “We tried to drive, but there’s plenty of security over there. There was a van that was in front of us that they did pull over. They’re not letting any trucks or vans, I guess, beyond a certain point.”

Senecal said all of this protection is something Trump does not fancy. “Mr. Trump was funny because he doesn’t like that,” said Senecal. “You know? He wants to drive himself, so he would drive three of the agents over in his car and the rest would follow in the SUVs. It’ll be tight now.”

Mar-a-Lago is a private club with a membership that costs $100,000. There are about 500 members of the club, all of whom have to go through screenings and background checks before being allowed inside.

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