POMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - An animal rescue organization based in Pompano Beach will help save five dogs from the Chinese meat trade market.

A local rescue group in Harbin, China saved the five dogs from the market, and they will be on the way to South Florida on Saturday with volunteers with Good Karma Pet Rescue.

“The rescue partners over there, they try to help as many as they can,” Brianna Garris, of Good Karma Pet Adoption Center, said. “These five just got the luck of the draw.”

Animal activist groups said around 10 million dogs die every year in the Chinese meat trade. They said the more inhumane the death, the more valuable the meat is.

“These dogs end up being sold to the Chinese meat market,” Good Karma Pet Rescue spokesperson Deven Soto said. “They go onto trucks, where they’re brought to slaughterhouses, so if they don’t come into rescue, they will be used for food.”

Amber, one of the rescued dogs, does not have functioning hind legs.

“One of them is a tripod,” Garris said of the incoming dogs. “A lot of physical handicaps.”

The dogs will not be taking resources from the dogs and cats already saved by the organization, officials said.

“It’s important that rescues that have the resources do reach out and get involved globally,” Garris said.

The new arrivals from China have foster homes lined up to take care of them, and after that, they hope for new, safe home thousands of miles away from where they started.

“All of them were unwanted in China, and they’ll very much be wanted and loved here,” Soto said.

They are scheduled to arrive at Miami International Airport at around midnight, Saturday. They will get a check up before heading to their foster homes and, soon after, be put up for adoption.

It costs between $1,000 to $2,000 to bring each dog over from China. If you would like to donate to help Good Karma’s efforts, or if you are interested in adopting one of the dogs, click here.

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