MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Police are searching for a woman who was last seen at the Rolling Loud Music Festival at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

The search is on for 23-year-old Ashley Espinoza-Sanchez. Nick Prevost said he and the missing woman came down from Tallahassee to attend the festival, but minutes after they entered the gate, Prevost said the 23-year-old looked confused.

“My main worry is if she’s OK or not,” Prevost said. “I could just tell by when I looked into her eyes, she didn’t know who I was, and I could tell that that was the first time ‘This is not good.'”

Ashley Espinoza-Sanchez. The right photos shows the actual clothing Espinosa-Sanchez was wearing when she went missing. (Photos provied by Miami Gardens Police)

Prevost said Espinoza-Sanchez then darted into the crowd, and he went after her.

“When I got through, she was gone,” he said. “I looked left, right, straight.”

He added he could not call her because she had asked him to hold her cellphone. The following day, Prevost posted on Twitter to ask for help and filed a missing persons report.

Miami Gardens Police originally said Espinoza-Sanchez was last seen around 6 p.m. Saturday at the Rolling Loud Music Festival at Hard Rock Stadium wearing a black and red romper and white Vans shoes. However, they later confirmed she was later spotted on surveillance video on Monday at the stadium’s Lost & Found.

Police said surveillance video shows Espinoza-Sanchez was in the company of a man at the time, later identified as Jaryd Linwood. Linwood said the 23-year-old came up to him looking disheveled with no shoes, so he took her back to his home to give her more clothes and to take a shower.

“She was outside in her underwear,” he said. “Like, when she approached me, she was in her underwear. This is about protecting this girl, making sure she has a place to be.”

Once she was at his home, Linwood noticed the 23-year-old was acting strange.

“She was talking to herself,” he said. “She was talking about things that were hurting her. I know she was drunk, but she was not functioning sober.”

Linwood said the 23-year-old was at his home Sunday night through Monday morning.

“She didn’t have no phone. She didn’t have no bag,” Linwood said over the phone. “She didn’t have shoes on. I tried to get her to tell me someone to call. Like, she didn’t give me nothing reliable.”

Prevost said Linwood called him Thursday afternoon.

“He wasn’t aware that she was missing,” Prevost said. “Apparently, that guy was taking care of her. She was going to the Hard Rock Stadium to the Lost & Found to try to find me and her phone because, from the sounds of it, it sounds like she doesn’t even remember what happened.”

Officers said the video appears to show Linwood and Espinoza-Sanchez leaving in different directions, and she was last seen walking towards parking lot 18.

“I’d like to think that right now, she’s with somebody else who’s taking care of her, just like she was Sunday night and Monday,” Prevost said.

“When I left her, she was like, ‘I’ll be all right,’ but I wasn’t all right with that because she didn’t even know where she was,” Linwood said.

Linwood said had he known she was missing, he would have taken her to a police station instead of back to the stadium as she requested. He would later come across her missing persons flier across from the stadium, and that’s when he called Prevost.

Espinoza-Sanchez stands 5 feet, 2 inches tall and has brown hair and brown eyes.

Linwood said he was worried about her mental health. He met with detectives Thursday afternoon.

If you have any information on Espinoza-Sanchez’s whereabouts, call Detective J. Rodriguez at 305-474-1615. You can also call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS or the Miami Gardens Police Department at 305-474-6473.

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