Police release video of Miami Beach Tesla crash

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have released surveillance video showing the shocking moment when a Tesla collided with an SUV in Miami Beach.

Video shows a black SUV making a U-Turn at the intersection of Fountain Street and the MacArthur Causeway when a Tesla ran a red light and crashed into the car.

“An impact so hard, it nearly cuts that SUV in half,” said Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez.

All three passengers in the SUV had to be extricated from the vehicle and were taken to the hospital with critical and life-threatening injuries.

“We’re talking spinal fractures, collapsed lungs, one with a traumatic brain injury,” Rodriguez said.

Police said an ambulance fortunately happened to be in the area and rushed to the scene.

“The odds of having first responders there on the scene to render aid shortly after the Miami Beach Fire Department is possibly what also led to this outcome, and it’s really a miracle that no one lost their lives,” said Rodriguez.

Basil Holness, identified as the driver of the SUV, spoke to 7News, Friday.

“I knew God was with me that day,” Holness said. “I’m still being evaluated. I’m still going to therapy. It’s a lot, still.”

The intense impact of the crash left Holness in a coma.

“I don’t even remember it, just me looking at the video,” Holness said. “I was told 80 miles an hour he was going, and now I hear it’s 128, so it’s unbelievable.”

While the collision nearly cost three victims their lives, Holness said he’s now thankful to still be alive and back home with his family.

“I’m just happy to be here right now,” Holness said.

The driver of the Tesla, who police identified as Jose Soto, and a second passenger in the car were not hurt.

The crash took place on Oct. 21 at about 1:05 a.m. However, police just released the surveillance video.

Police said Soto was driving at 128 miles per hour when the crash occurred.

“That’s reckless endangerment for everyone,” Rodriguez said.

Police said the SUV had the right-of-way, but they believe Soto was trying to make a yellow light.

“At 128 miles per hour, I don’t think anyone stood a chance,” Rodriguez said.

Soto has since been charged with three counts of reckless driving.

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