Police release 911 call from night of Corey Jones fatal shooting

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Police in Palm Beach Gardens have released the 911 call from the night Corey Jones was shot to death by a police officer.

A growing memorial has been set up at the scene of the shooting for 31-year-old Corey Jones who was shot by former Palm Beach Gardens Officer Nouman Raja after his SUV broke down off of Interstate 95, near PGA Boulevard, back in October.

Jones was waiting for help when he was confronted by Raja, according to officials. Raja fired six shots, hitting Jones three times. Jones never fired.

In the 911 call, Raja went into detail about what exactly took place moments after shooting Jones, but according to prosecutors, everything he said was a lie.

In the call, officials said Raja is heard ordering Jones to put down a gun:

Officer: “Drop that [expletive] gun right now.”

Operator: “911?”

Officer: “Got one down, I just shot one person. I’m at that off ramp right behind Double Tree. Black male.”

Raja was working a burglary detail and was wearing plain clothes when he approached Jones, according to court documents.

Jones was on the phone with roadside assistance. That phone call also recorded the shooting and prosecutors said, it proved that Raja was not telling the truth.

Operator: “You’re behind the Double Tree?”

Officer: “I’m on the off-ramp, 95 southbound off ramp, off the Double Tree. I’m, I’m not covered in anything right now.”

Operator: “All right.”

Officer: “Give me some units. I’ve got one down. I got one man down.”

Operator: “You all right?”

Officer: “Yeah, man, I’m good, I’m good. Drop the gun!”

Operator: “On the off ramp, right?”

Officer: “On the off ramp. Get me some units. I’ve lost contact with him. I don’t know where he is.”

Investigators said that at that point, Raja had already shot Jones. The bullet, according to the autopsy, pierced Jones’s heart and lungs. He was already dead on the ground when Raja kept saying “drop your gun.”

Operator: “What’s the guy look like?”

Officer: “Black male, wearing all black, dreads, had a silver handgun in his right hand. I came out. I saw him come out with a handgun. I gave him commands. I identified myself, and he turned, pointed the gun at me, started running, and I shot him. He’s hit three to four times.”

Guests staying at a nearby hotel said they also heard the gunshots and called for help.

Caller: “We heard gunshots outside our window. We see a guy outside holding a gun. There’s a guy walking backwards holding a gun.”

Prosecutors said the roadside assistance call also proved that Raja did not identify himself as a police officer.

The victim’s family attorney released a statement that read in part: “Raja’s narrative of what occurred on the early morning hours of October 18th is inconsistent with the objective evidence. As we reflect on the life and legacy of Corey Jones, we continue to zealously pursue all avenues of justice.”

His family has also filed a civil lawsuit against Palm Beach Gardens Police.

Prosecutors charged Raja with first-degree murder last month. He is no longer a member of the Palm Beach Gardens Police force and is currently on house arrest awaiting trial.

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