Police put items from car burglaries on display in hopes of owners coming forward in Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) - After police placed a suspected car burglar behind bars and discovered a treasure trove of items in his vehicle, they are putting the recovered items on display in hopes that the owners come forward.

Jose Morales Rodriguez was arrested by Miami Police after one of their officers was working in Wynwood during Miami Music Week and saw him breaking into a car.

“Before he was able to get away, we got him. We want to say he’s a professional because he had a mechanism that automatically broke the window to vehicles he broke into,” said City of Miami Police Officer Kenia Fallat.

Rodriguez was said to have moved onto another victim’s vehicle, which led officers to get a search warrant for his.

Once police searched Rodriguez’s car they found a number of wallets, purses, unworn clothing items, two guitars, among other items.

Some of the items have been returned to their rightful owners, but others are believed to belong to tourists.

“If you have yet to report any of these items, the time to do so is now,” said Fallat.

Owners claiming any of the stolen items as their own are advised to call the Miami Police Department at 305-603-6905.

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