Police make arrests on South Florida beaches during spring break

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Spring breakers from all over the country are flocking to South Florida for some sun, but police officers are saying this week is no vacation for them.

College students have been partying and soaking up the warm weather on beaches from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, all for spring break this week.

Many drove several hours or took a plane ride to South Florida to let loose and put school behind them — at least for the week.

They came prepared with coolers and sippy cups filled with alcoholic beverages and hoping not to get caught by police. “Fort Lauderdale is big for spring break, so they’re looking,” said tourist Becca Wheeler. “They’re coming up and down, and us kids, we’re smart. We hide it.”

One student explained what spring break is all about. “It’s like a big day drink with everyone from every single college,” she said.

As hundreds of students converged on South Beach, one family from Minnesota was not aware that it was spring break. “Little bit too much traffic,” said Peter Redin. “I’m here with the family, so it’s a little bit of a drag.”

Things got out of control quickly on Miami Beach after one spring breaker decided to jump on a Miami Beach Police ATV.

Officials said, “The beachgoer made a poor choice when she mounted one of our vehicles as the officer was retreating from a large crowd.”

Police continued to say that visitors should have a good time but do so safely and responsibly. Although that is ideal, fights have occurred along Fort Lauderdale Beach and police were there to break it up and make their arrests.

On Monday, there were 15 arrests at Fort Lauderdale Beach and 30 arrests on Miami Beach.

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