Police chase ends in fiery crash, 2 in custody

PLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) - A police chase in Fort Lauderdale ended with a fiery crash, two suspects in custody and a woman in the hospital.

Police chased the Mercedes with two suspects after a robbery in Fort Lauderdale. Officials said the suspects put many people in danger, including one woman who is related to a South Florida Police officer.

The chase occurred along Broward Boulevard, in Fort Lauderdale, Monday. The driver then crashed into an SUV, injuring one, near Northwest 70th Avenue, in Plantation.

The rear of the victim’s SUV was severely damaged and the woman was shaken up. A bystander came to her rescue before officials arrived on scene. “I pulled her out of her car,” said Charles Alvarez. “She was halfway out the car already. I finished opening the door for her. She kinda sat back down and I got her out. She said, ‘Oh, I need my purse and cellphone,’ so I grabbed that for her.”

She was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. She is expected to be OK.

The victim’s family members who arrived on scene spoke with 7News in shock. They said that just two months ago, the victim’s husband died, making the whole ordeal even more stressful for the victim.

“Tremendous concern, I’m glad that my family is OK,” said the victim’s brother, Lou Garcia. “All the concerns that normally come up, you know, the irresponsibility and putting life at risk, needlessly. It’s a shame.”

The victim also has a brother who works with the Miami-Dade Police Department, rushed to the scene and surveyed the damage.

Skyforce HD flew over the scene as Plantation firefighters extinguished the car fire, soon after the impact with the SUV.

According to police, the chase started on Saturday night after a couple in Hollywood was carjacked of the black Mercedes. Two masked men allegedly aimed guns at the couple before taking off.

Steve Hurtig and his wife said they had just returned from celebrating their anniversary when they were carjacked.

“They put the gun right on my forehead,” said Hurtig.

Hurtig said his wife had a gun pointed at her head as well. “The fella ripped open the door like this and yelled at my wife,” said Hurtig. “Pulled her out and put a gun to her head, like this.”

On Monday, Hurtig was just grateful to be alive and well.

“Oh, my God,” said Hurtig when he watched footage of his car in flames. “It really doesn’t mean anything because we’re lucky that me and my wife were able to walk away unscathed.”

Hurtig said he was happy the two suspects were off the street.

“I find great comfort that they are arrested and off the street,” said Hurtig, “and they can’t do this to someone else.”

The two subjects were wanted for questioning in a robbery. One person was taken into custody quickly and the other was taken into custody about three blocks north from the area of the crash.

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