Police: Balloon popping caused Town Center scare in Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, FLA. (WSVN) - After investigating what led to the Town Center mall scare on Sunday, Boca Raton Police have determined what was believed to be the sound of a gunshot was actually a balloon popping.

Boca Raton Police officers, tactical units and SWAT trucks responded to multiple reports of shots fired at the mall located along the 6000 block of Glades Road, just after 3 p.m., Sunday.

On Tuesday afternoon, the department released a statement saying after investigating the incident, surveillance video showed how the scare began.

A janitor was pushing a garbage cart through the food court when it rolled over and ended up dragging a balloon.

He told officers he then popped the balloon, which proved true as investigators found the remains of a balloon on the floor later.

Video shows the reaction of patrons just after the balloon popped and moments later, when they began running out of the shopping mall.

A man was left injured after he hit his head against a door while attempting to run out of the mall.

He was transported to Delray Medical Center with a traumatic injury to his head.

Authorities placed the mall on lockdown and searched for possible threats or additional victims.

No evidence was found, leading investigators to believe there was no shooting that occurred on the premises.

Since the incident, additional officers have responded to the mall as the stores resume normal operations.

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