FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested a naked man accused of robbing a Fort Lauderdale bank.

Cellphone video taken by 7News’ Lorena Estrada shows the police response near Southeast Eighth Avenue and East Las Olas Boulevard, Tuesday.

According to police, 25-year-old Alexander Hayden Sperber robbed a Regions Bank at 100 SE Third Ave. before fleeing into downtown Fort Lauderdale.

As he was making his getaway, a red dye pack in the money exploded, spraying the man’s clothing with dye. He then shed his clothes and began throwing the money.

Sperber ran naked down Las Olas Boulevard, crossing the street and dodging traffic along the way.

One witness was on the phone when he saw the naked suspect.

“It kind of took me a second. I was on the phone. I had to put it down,” said Drew Armstrong, “and then this lady passed me, and I asked her, ‘Was he naked?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, he was naked.’ I’m surprised no one tackled him or anything.”

Cops were able to arrest Sperber, who was given a yellow tarp to cover himself.

A photo of the scene shows the exploded dye pack and the stained cash on the ground.

People on the streets of Downtown Fort Lauderdale were perplexed at the strange sight.

“I just saw a naked guy running. That’s it,” said a witness.

Sperber was supposed to make a court appearance, Wednesday, but he did not show.

Family members were present for Sperber’s appearance, but they did not want to talk to 7News cameras.

Officials said Sperber’s court date will most likely be rescheduled for Thursday.

The FBI is now investigating the incident.

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