South Floridians host massive donation drives for Harvey victims

CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) - Generous South Florida communities have made it their mission to send food, clothes and more to the victims of Harvey in Texas.

In Mullins Park, the Coral Springs Chargers Youth Football League are leading the charge to help those devastated by Harvey.

“I’m proud to be an American. It’s amazing what we’re doing for these people,” said AJ Poulin of the Coral Springs Chargers.

People showed up to the park well into the evening, Thursday, to donate whatever they could.

“Clothes, blankets, sheets, dog food, baby food, diapers, toilet paper, toothpaste, everything,” said Poulin.

Dozens did their best to sort out and load up the donations.

The Chargers received enough goods to fill up five 26-foot U-Haul trucks and 11 pickup trucks with trailers.

“This is amazing to me,” said Poulin.

Earlier, in Plantation, a family hit the road to Texas with donations they accumulated with help from their community.

Along with a 53-foot tractor trailer, 25-foot trailer and an RV full of supplies, Albert Molina and his family left for Texas, Thursday evening, with a plethora of items to help those in need in Harvey’s wake.

Among the items include food, water, dog food, diapers, cleaning supplies and much more.

The effort began with a Facebook post from Molina’s wife, which expanded and saw hundreds of people donating items for the family to take to Texas. The family has also started a GoFundMe account for monetary donations to continue to buy supplies for Harvey victims.

“We gotta do something about it. The idea started as ‘Let’s go to Houston in our bus and our 25-foot trailer,’ said Molina. “And my wife put it up on Facebook, and it took off.”

Soon the family’s home became the drop-off center where hundred of people donated goods for victims of Harvey.

“Once they tell us what they need, we’re gonna use the money from the GoFundMe account, then we’re gonna drive north, 200 miles, wherever we need to go, buy exactly what they need,” Molina said. “It may be food, it may be meat, it may be gas tanks. Whatever they need, we’re gonna go ahead and bring it right back to them.”

Multiple people donated to the Molinas’ drive.

“Went to Costco, loaded up our van, and came here and delivered,” said one volunteer.

“My heart breaks for them, and I wish we could do more, and I’m so grateful for people like this wonderful family, who is unbelievable,” said one woman.

“It affects you. There’s no other way to say it,” said another woman who came to donate supplies. “I can’t imagine what they’re going through.”

Other companies contacted the family to assist, as well.

“What started as something very, very small has become something big and beautiful,” said Molina.

Mimi’s Italian dropped off pallets of food to be taken to Texas.

Interiors by Steven G donated the large tractor trailer. They will also be accepting donations in Pompano Beach, beginning Friday.

Molina hopes to arrive in Texas by Saturday morning.

South Floridians are also taking donations to the Hard Rock Stadium.

“I know that the families out there are needy, and they could use anything,” said Lynn Chancy, who also made donations.

Donations are also pouring in at the Las Olas Chabad.

“People need our help, and they need action from people,” said Las Olas Chabad Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki. “They have a shortage of supplies and basic necessities, from cleaning products and clothing, food. I think it’s a time to act.”

Organizations have also stepped in to help animals displaced by the storm.

“As soon as I heard about the storm coming, before it even arrived, the first thing that popped into my head was the animals,” said Courtney Walter of Paw Patrol, choking back tears. “Sorry, it was just completely devastating.”

Paw Patrol collected donations for animals in need.

“We’ve been getting a lot of food. That’s probably what we have the most of. We’re getting blankets, beds, leashes, toys, medication,” said Walter.

“You have to be humble, and this is a time to be humble, to think of others before yourself,” said Nancy Casas, who also lent a helping hand.

The Molinas are still accepting donations.

You can donate supplies at:

12200 NW 7 St.
Plantation, FL 33325

To donate to the GoFundMe, click here.

For more ways to donate to the victims of Harvey, click here.

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